Löyly, My Favorite Spa

My favorite spa in Portland, Oregon is Löyly, which is located in Northeast Portland!

What To Expect From Löyly
Making an appointment is available over the phone or online! However, keep in mind that they have certain days/hours dedicated to men only, women only, and co-ed.

When checking in, the receptionist will provide you with a small towel (useful to use when using one of their Dr. Hauschka face mask), a larger towel (for drying or wearing in the lounge area, and a pefletti (used to sit on while in the sauna). They will also provide you with sandals and a lock for the locker.

Monthly Sauna Special 
The monthly sauna special is such a great package. It includes up to two hours in the facility (sauna, showers, locker room, and lounge area), a rosemary aromatherapy foot soak, vanilla chaga or cleansing tea, and rosemary and mint body salt. This special is $23.00!

Head To Toe Package
The Head to Toe Package is my favorite package. It includes up to two hours in the facility (sauna, showers, locker room, and lounge area), an aromatherapy foot soak of your choice (lavender, rosemary, sage, lemon, or spruce), a single-use Dr. Hauschka face mask (cleansing clay, moisturizing, rejuvenating, firming, or soothing), a single-use body scrub (lemon and spruce, rosemary and mint, spruce and birch, or lavender and bergamot) and organic cleansing tea. This package is $47.00!

Overall, I love Löyly. If you want something special, you can add on a facial or massage!





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Hi! My name is Linda Nguyen. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and community health education from Portland State University in Spring of 2015. During my undergraduate degree, I volunteered at the Women's Resource Center as a Student Support Specialist and at the Sexual & Gender Minority Youth Resource Center as a steering committee member. I am currently a Master of Social Work Student at Portland State University. I have a passion for working with survivors who experienced or are experiencing domestic violence or sexual assault. My overall career focus is to provide survivors the necessary resources and services that they have difficulty in accessing in various communities and organizations. With currently volunteering at Portland State University's Women's Resource Center as an Interpersonal Violence Advocate and being an International Case Manager at a domestic violence/sexual assault organization, it has strengthened my knowledge and skills in providing support to survivors. As being a survivor of sexual assault myself, my healing journey consists of me expressing myself in anything that is fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel related! Hope you enjoy!

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